Top 9 Questions Answered

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1) Can you query multiple literary agents at the same agency?

Generally, no. A rejection from one literary agent means a rejection from the entire agency.

2) Can you re-query an agent after he/she rejects you?

Yes, but with a 50/50 chance. Some agents consider this a no-no, but why not improve your chances?

3) Do you need to query a conservative agent for a conservative book – a liberal agent for a liberal book?

In general, yes. Look for agents who have taken on books similar to yours.

4) Should you mention your age in a query?

No. Some bias exists because agents are looking for career authors. If you are older, try to write multiple books before submitting, no mention of age.

5) Can you query an agent for a short story collection?

95% of agents do not accept them because they just don’t sell.

6) When should you query? When is your project ready?

There is no definite answer, but give your work to beta readers for feedback.

7) Should you mention that your work is copyrighted and/or has had book editing?

No. All work is protected, once written down, and should already be edited.

8) How should you start your query? Begin with a paragraph from the book?

Not recommended. Not in main character’s voice either (too gimmicky). Recommend laying out Essential Details in one easy opening sentence.

9) Should you mention that the query is a simultaneous submission?

Check each agent’s guidelines, but it’s usually optional. If you say it’s exclusive, they understand no other eyes are on the material — but if you say nothing, they will assume multiple agents must be considering it.


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