Formatting a Query Letter

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Format guidelines exist to make it easier for the editors to handle your manuscript in the most convenient and efficient way and will vary greatly. Be sure to follow them!

Formatting rules may include things like:

  • Submission by email, mail or both, and to where (sometimes a central desk)
  • Inclusions – a long or short synopsis, chapter breakdown, 1st 10 pages, 1st 50, 1st chapter, separate Bio, etc.
  • Spacing, use of a certain font, font size, indentations, single-sided, lines between paragraphs, etc.

Via Email:

  • What to put in the subject line of email (usually ‘Query Letter for <title>’)
  • All text to be within the body of the email – no attachments – no pictures

Via Mail:

  • What to include on the outside of your envelope
  • Inclusion of a SASE for easy return of your hardcopy manuscript or excerpt

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