Essential Details

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The Essential Details go in your opening paragraph along with you Tagline (more on that in the next section).

Here is a sample of how I worked these details into my introduction for “The Pope Goes Speed Dating”:

“I am submitting for your consideration my newly completed novel of 73,500+ words called ‘The Pope Goes Speed Dating’. It is a contemporary romantic comedy set in Australia that explores how the life of a young woman is turned on its head by her unexpected inheritance of a lifelong endowment and a mansion on Bondi Beach, provided she permanently engages the services of her late grandfather’s English butler.

Michelle Plested, renowned literary agent says,

“The first things I look for in a query letter are:


Word count


Name and contact information

Before you present what your story is about, I want to know how many words I’m getting and what genre to expect. I don’t want to have to wade through multiple chapters — or even multiple paragraphs — to first discover if the manuscript is even going to be a fit. Don’t bother trying to tell me why it’s a good fit. You don’t need to. Show me the word count and the genre, tell me what it’s about, and I’ll be able to tell for myself.

I also don’t want to have to dig for your name and e-mail address. Sometimes things get forwarded and, for whatever reason, the original ‘sent by’ address in the header doesn’t make it along for the ride. Put it in the body of the mail, just to be safe.”

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