Four Legged Stool Components

Stool Picture

When you explore this technique, imagine yourself writing a proposal to the editor of a major magazine, asking him to commission you to write a series of articles.


1) Core Idea (The “Headlines”) – Big and simple – quickly summing up the core of your concept (like a Tagline in a Query Letter!). In the next section of the main menu you’ll learn how to develop this part using the Four U’s:

  • Unique
  • Useful
  • Urgent
  • Ultra-Specific

2) The Big Promise (The “Hook”) – Incentive for the reader to read on – What’s in it for the reader? (This also applies to writing an attention-getting beginning for your work, and ensuring you’ve satisfied your target market – with things such as knowledge, emotions, etc.).

3) Credibility – Give readers a reason to trust you – Can this writer do the job?

4) The Powerful Call to Action – Implore the agent to act – give him a good reason and include your contact details (just like in a Query Letter).

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