Confessions of a Balding Baby Boomer


This book is an autobiographical coming-of-age collection of memoirs exploring a larrikin’s life-journey during the Baby Boomer era from his sheltered upbringing in a small, rural town in Upstate New York to the perils and adventures of life beyond the farm.

These are the reflections of an author who was fortunate enough to have experienced much of the world at a time when it was only just starting to lose its innocence, as he was losing his. Through a series of humorous and often poignant vignettes, T.L. Snow delivers a frank exploration of lessons learned about the opposite sex, deep friendships and the development of his morality as he evolves from a young serial womanizer to the life of a happily married husband and father. 

In the times of the Vietnam War, racism, sexism, drugs, free sex, pop stars and fast food, the reader is taken on a romp of the writer’s madcap adventures, from tangled parachutes to prowling sharks, from making contact explosives to escaping a raging Australian bushfire.  

His memoirs offer an insight into the fast life of a nightclub manager in 1970’s exotic Hawaii, the experience of managing a prestigious private bridge club in midtown Manhattan a decade later and the exhilaration of being a tournament bridge professional. It chronicles the gentle times of growing up  in upstate New York, attending a small traditional university, through to the author’s later years “Down Under”, proving that starting out life as a math and physics nerd doesn’t mean one is condemned to leading a boring life. 

T.L. Snow plucks the full spectrum of emotional strings, including the sudden loss of friends, the love of his close-knit family in a small, insular community and the exploits of a romantic young man who first learned about dating from James Bond films. He writes with an unmistakably charming down-home style – you can’t take the country out of the boy.

His story could best be described as ‘Portnoy’s Complaint‘ written in the laconic style of Mark Twain.

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