The Physical Differences Between Men and Women

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How do you tell if that person you just met at the bar is really a woman or not?

Assuming you didn’t bring bail money with you, so you don’t want to grab her/him in the crotch, there are other ways to tell.

Damn! She/he is wearing a bulky, well-padded blouse!

What about the Adam’s Apple? Ugh! She/he is wearing a turtleneck sweater!

Women in general have broader faces, shorter heads, less prominent chins, shorter legs and longer trunks, but is that enough for you to run the risk of having an embarrassing encounter in your hotel room?

There is another way, for all you eager detective enthusiasts.

In my latest book, a romantic comedy called, ‘The Pope Goes Speed Dating’, one scene describes how the conversation at Madam’s dinner party starts off stilted and awkward. The butler comes to the rescue by regaling her eminent guests with a quirky anecdote. He has them all hold their hands up in the air to determine which is their second longest finger.

GE          GE

Woman’s Hand                      Man’s Hand

For women it’s usually their index fingers, but for men it’s decidedly their ring fingers!

Scientific studies show that during the middle of the second trimester a male fetus is usually bathed in surges of testosterone. The longer the exposure, the longer the ring fingers, leading to increased physical and verbal aggression, higher levels of achievement in sports (for men and women) and better senses of direction.

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